BTS Loves Chipotle, And No, This Is Not Sponsored Content (As Far As We Know)

Band member Jungkook said he could eat Chipotle every day.

After an appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden, K-pop phenomenon BTS was treated to Chipotle bowls and the boys were not disappointed. This was the band's first time trying Chipotle and by the looks of it, it may not be the last.

A full video of the entire Chipotle, BTS crossover experience can be found on YouTube. In the video, the band members can be seen grabbing to-go burrito bowls off a table. Stacks of aluminum containers with chicken and steak-filled Chipotle bowls call to them, and the hungry band members are teeming with curiosity.

First up to try a bowl is Jungkook, who quizzically asks, "How do you eat this?" as he takes a peek under the silver lid. Unsure, but delighted with what he's eating, he asks, "What is this, Chicotle?" In response to both the mispronunciation and the resounding approval of the food, Chipotle's official Twitter account has changed its name to Chicotle. The account also retweeted this in service of BTS fans everywhere:

The sour cream in the bowl was particularly lauded; Jungkook describes it as "sour sauce that tastes like yogurt" to fellow band member J-Hope. Before you know it the two are bonding over a chicken bowl.

"I want to eat this every day," says Jungkook.

The rest of the band apparently can't help but be enticed, and they head over to the food table to see what the hype is all about. Seeing that Jungkook has now been deemed the Chipotle expert, band members Jin and Suga ask how to eat the bowls. This turns into a feeding frenzy of K-pop stars mixing in forkfuls of salsa and other spicy add-ons to the bowls. Fun fact: Jin apparently can't handle the taste of cilantro. Check out 1:49 in the video above to hear a beautifully musical exclamation of "Avocado tastes so good."

Trying new food on the set of late night talk shows is nothing new for the band. They already had a pastrami experience with Jimmy Fallon at Katz's Delicatessen that went pretty great.

Not every band member was intrigued by the Chipotle, however: V opted for a hamburger instead. No disrespect to that decision!