Bryan Cranston And Aaron Paul Might Be Popping By Your Local Costco

The Breaking Bad duo have been their new mezcal on the road.

Pictures have been circulating on Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit showing two familiar faces in a most surprising setting. Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul are on the road promoting their mezcal, Dos Hombres, and they're pouring samples for customers at places like Costco and local liquor stores.

In the pictures, Cranston and Paul look a little less polished than they do in the glossy, movie-star video that plays on the homepage for Dos Hombres, and there aren't hordes of people surrounding them as they take this show on the road. Not all of the events the pair has participated in for Dos Hombres have been quite so pared down, though: In May, they bartended at the ritzy Fortina in Stamford, Connecticut; photos in the Stamford Advocate show them hosting quite the party. Earlier in that month, they hosted a ticketed event in Miami at which the pair arrived via yacht, walked a red carpet, and then mingled with guests. General admission was $25, but VIP cabanas were available for $850 for six guests and VIP tables were available for $650 for six guests. Both VIP options included two bottles of Dos Hombres.

What is Dos Hombres Mezcal?

The mezcal brand was launched in 2019 with Cranston and Paul's partner, the "mezcal maestro" Gregorio Velasco. Right before the pandemic took over life in the United States, Cranston and Paul told the story of Dos Hombres to Cigar & Spirits Magazine. As legend would have it, the pair were having dinner in New York, reflecting on their shared experience on Breaking Bad, and Cranston wondered aloud if there was another project they could work on together.


"I said I think people will see us as Walt and Jessie for a minute," said Paul. "So I said, 'What if we just go into business together?'" Cranston asked what kind of business, Paul said booze. "He kind of laughed, and then we started talking about mezcal."

From there, the pair went to Oaxaca. Paul says they were willing to walk away from the dream if they didn't find the "right juice." And the way they tell it, they almost did walk away, once they found they had different tastes. Paul wanted something that "slapped him in the face" (Cranston's words), whereas Cranston wanted something more subtle. "I like to be seduced," he says.

They describe the moment they did find it as a "movie moment." They were in the village of San Luis del Rio in a remote section of Oaxaca. They had taken off their boots, hiked through a river, and taken a sip of mezcal "from the source," as Paul puts it.


"We were both silent," says Paul. "We looked at each other, we tried it again."

"We didn't want to jinx it," adds Cranston.

"And we just knew," says Paul. "We just knew."

If nothing else, these two are experts in the art of brand storytelling. There doesn't seem to be a comprehensive schedule of upcoming tasting events, but maybe it's worth haunting your nearest Costco to see if Cranston and Paul show up. They seem to be in this for the long haul—Cranston recently told Rolling Stone their goal is to make Dos Hombres the number one mezcal on earth, and they're "willing to put in the work."

Would we assume any less of the men who brought us Walter White and Jesse Pinkman?