Broccoli Is America's Favorite Vegetable

It’s no secret that everyone loves broccoli and now Green Giant has a survey to back it up.

Yesterday Green Giant revealed the results of a survey taken to determine America's favorite vegetable. It turns out our nation's number-one vegetable is broccoli. That seems right to me, because broccoli rules. The two runners up were carrots and corn. All these picks are excellent vessels for butter and cheese.

As always, there's some fun tidbits thrown in with the survey. Tomatoes and cucumbers (which are both fruit, but who's keeping track, really), were favorites in 2020, but didn't make the 2021 list. While corn was chosen as the most popular vegetable in seven times more states in 2021 than in 2020, it still didn't win. It's also the favorite vegetable among Americans between the ages of 55 and 72. That's oddly specific, but okay!

The West Coast couldn't care less about broccoli; it's all about the carrots over there, while folks on the East Coast are big fans of the cruciferous vegetable. In general, most people chose broccoli over all the other vegetables because they simply like the way broccoli tastes. At the same time, although it won, it's losing ground to carrots: the number of states that picked carrots as their favorite increased by 500% this year, while broccoli's popularity fell by 23%.

Who knew that the battle for vegetable domination was so fierce? The drama! That makes me wonder where other vegetables fell on the list. Zucchini, where are you? Eggplant, aka, aubergine (such a fancy way to say it, and also it's a fruit), does anyone care about you? Brussels sprouts, have you been forsaken? And green beans, where are you? I also feel like the leafy green category was ignored altogether. I mean, come on, spinach should be right up there with the rest of them! Popeye would be so heartbroken right now.