Bobby Flay And His Cat Nacho Came Out With A Line Of Cat Food

I did not know this until just now, but apparently Bobby Flay has a cat named Nacho. Nacho is a handsome Maine Coon, a breed of very big, longhaired cat, and he has orange and white fur that I wish I could pet. Every Maine Coon cat I've met has been a charmer. And now, according to Delish, Flay and his cat are teaming up to create a new cat food line called Made by Nacho, complete with food and treats.

Nacho could sell me anything!

"We picked out thoughtful ingredients [like pumpkin, cranberry, and kale] that are flavorful and palatable for cats, but also helpful in other ways," Flay told People during an interview. I am picturing him and Nacho sitting together in a business meeting, deep in thought. Nacho did all the note taking.

Of course, Nacho understands food because of his relationship with Flay, and he knows to jump on a culinary trend when he sees it. The Made by Nacho pet food brand will also sell bone broth, which works for your furry little friends because it's got protein and nutrients, plus it's good for hydration. The line of cat food is available online now, but will also be available at Petsmart beginning April 19.

But that's not all! Nacho is a charitable furry boy, and he and Bobby Flay have created the Made by Nacho Charitable Fund at the New York Community trust, which is already providing grants to organizations like EveryCat Health Foundation and Best Friends Animal Society.

The Made by Nacho site says, "Because of Nacho's commitment to support feline-kind he founded the Made by Nacho Charitable Fund at New York Community Trust. The fund will support feline rescue and research organizations because Nacho cares about cats everywhere." Cats in need thank you, Nacho.