Get A Free Chocolate Bar At Blaze Pizza, No Strings Attached

It would be remiss of us not to inform readers of The Takeout where they might be able to acquire some free food. And while Halloween is a holiday that's chock-full of free candy—that's kind of Halloween's whole thing—it's nice to know that you, an adult, don't have to go knocking on strangers' doors to acquire some. According to industry publication QSR Magazine, Blaze Pizza has partnered with Ferrero (owner of Nestlé's U.S. candy brands) to give out full-size Crunch bars to customers on Halloween, no purchase necessary. All you have to do is walk in and say "Trick or Treat." That's $1.19 in savings!

According to a press release, "The combination of Blaze's artisanal pizza with the 100% real chocolate and crisped rice found in every CRUNCH bar offers fans a sweet and salty treat this Halloween." (I guess we're supposed to be spelling it in all caps?) Each location will offer 350 Crunch/CRUNCH bars, one per person, until they run out. The promotion starts at 4 p.m. on Halloween. Thinking about this like a shrewd trick-or-treater, you've got a few options here:

  1. Show up on the early end to guarantee that you get a free Crunch/CRUNCH bar
  2. Show up at your local Blaze Pizza location multiple times throughout the night, in various costume disguises, to acquire multiple Crunch/CRUNCH bars
  3. Hit up every Blaze Pizza location within a 100-mile radius to claim a free Crunch/CRUNCH bar at each
  4. Show up just before closing time and ask what the plan is for any remaining Crunch/CRUNCH bars, hinting that they might as well give the rest to you since you're already there and all
  5. Hire patsies to enter various Blaze Locations for you simultaneously, promising each of them a bite of your resulting Crunch/CRUNCH bar as a reward
  6. Some combination of strategies 1-5

Of course we recommend actually ordering a pizza to go with your free candy, since Blaze is a pretty good build-your-own fast casual chain, and pizza feels like the perfect meal on Halloween night. If you need any assistance choosing toppings, we've got you covered.