What's Your Go-To Celebration Shot?

A free drink is an opportunity you don’t want to waste, so what will you get?

Happy Birthday! (If it's not your birthday just go with it.) This is the one day of the year when you absolutely should not be paying for your own drinks. You are entitled by birthday law to at least one free drink or shot from a friend (or if the bartender is feeling generous, it's on the house.) What will you order?

This is not the time to go with a plain shot that you'd normally buy anyway. This is the time to experiment because hey, it's not your money. If the shot turns out to be terrible, there's no harm done except to your taste buds and they'll get over it after you take a sip of something else.

What’s the best birthday shot?

My knowledge of birthday drinks goes back to college when the tradition was to order the celebrated person a Blow Job shot. This NSFW drink is made from amaretto, Irish cream, and topped with whipped cream. To bring even more attention to the birthday person, the shot is required to be taken without using hands. The shot itself is pretty dessert-like, which I suppose is the point when placing a birthday-themed order at the bar. What do people usually eat to celebrate a birthday? Cake. So, it stands to reason that your birthday drink should be a sweet treat also.


Fellow staff writer Lillian Stone mentioned the Buttery Nipple as a go-to birthday shooter. This equally NSFW shot contains Butterscotch Schnapps and Irish Cream. All these hyper sexual shots seem to suggest that sex and birthday shots are meant to go hand in hand.

Personally, dessert and alcohol have never sounded like the best combination. If the shot or cocktail isn't coming out of my wallet, I'd rather try an expensive tequila—lime, salt, and silver tequila still makes for a celebration in my book.

When your moment comes you need to be prepared, so what shot are you ordering?