Avoid Storing Your Bread In These Parts Of The Kitchen

These spots have conditions that encourage mold growth.

If you go through bread quickly, none of this will apply to you. But if you're like me and only eat the occasional sandwich or slice of toast, you'll probably want your bread to live its best, happiest, and longest life. Lifesavvy sets the record straight on the worst and best areas of your kitchen to keep your loaves fresh.


Where’s the worst place to keep your bread?

Okay, a bunch of you are guilty of this, including me. Apparently, keeping your bread on top of the refrigerator is a bad idea. Ugh. I have no counter space! The top of the fridge is also our snack storage area and where bags of partially opened potato chips go to die.


The reason your bread suffers on top of the fridge is because the nearby warmth from your refrigerator's cooling coils creates an environment that mold thrives in. Bread's biggest adversaries are warmth and moisture, unfortunately. So your handy fridge shelf is not an ideal home for your loaves.

Another bad place to store your bread is, drumroll please... by your dishwasher! This one makes sense; the moisture and warmth dishwashers emit when they're being used creates a bad environment for bread. Boo.

And finally, keeping your bread by the stove is also a bad idea for the obvious reason that its radiating heat isn't very good for your bread. Plus, who keeps bread by the stove, anyway?

So where the heck am I supposed to keep my bread, then?

Lifesavvy has two suggestions for you. The first one is a traditional bread box. Do any of you actually have one of these things? The enclosed box keeps sunlight out (and thereby, extra warmth), and the holes in it allow airflow to occur, helping minimize moisture in its surroundings.


The other option, which I'm sure some of you employ, is keeping your bread in the freezer. I can attest to the fact that bread will keep well while frozen, and you can take slices out as-needed. So armed with this knowledge, hopefully your bread will be able to live a long life, and never end up in the garbage can.