Siri, What's The Best Restaurant Chain To Work For?

Working in a restaurant is not an easy, nor a fun job at times, especially during a shift where you're getting your ass thrashed. It often feels thankless, which means having a really good work environment and a supportive employer is a goddamn godsend. Glassdoor released its best places to work 2021 a couple days ago, and one restaurant chain landed in the top five. Thanks to trade publication Restaurant Business Online for the heads up.

So, what's the best restaurant chain to work for? In-N-Out Burger! It came in third place, which is even more impressive, considering the list is across the board for all industries. Interestingly enough, no other foodservice company made the top 10 list. I'm a fan of In-N-Out on the rare occasion that I can get my hands on it, so this makes me happy to hear. Double double, animal style, please. Fries? We... all know the fries could use a little work.

We've all heard nightmare stories about working at fast food places, so it's good to hear that some chains can buck that shitty trend. The list is based off of Glassdoor reviews by employees, where many say the pay and the work environment are good. Runners-up are LongHorn Steakhouse and Raising Cane's, though both placed distantly down the line with LongHorn at 76th and Raising Cane's at 89th. That makes the In-N-Out placement a pretty big outlier. In-N-Out came in after graphics processor tech company NVIDIA, and Bain & Company, a global consultancy. So, next time you hit the drive through at In-N-Out, if the employee seems chipper, it's probably because they don't work in a hellhole of despair. That's a good thing.