Tom Brady's Bread Is Selling Like (Carb-Free) Hotcakes On Amazon

Wonder Bread, you've been bested by a low-carb option.

When you think of classic white sandwich bread, which brands immediately comes to mind? For me, it's either Wonder Bread or Butternut, both of which are perfectly suited to a deli meat sandwich and a grilled cheese. But Food Business News reports that the current top-selling white sandwich bread on Amazon is far from the leading brands we grew up with—instead, it's new, trendy, and devoid of carbs. Ever heard of Hero Bread?


Hero Bread, explained

Last year, we reported on Hero Bread, a product line launched in 2017 featuring a sliced white bread loaf containing zero carbs per serving. It has some notable celebrity investors, including Tom Brady, and this past summer Subway added Hero Bread to the menu at select locations.


"I'm not the biggest bread guy, but there's a new bread even I can eat," said Brady on social media when the Subway collaboration was announced last year. Knowing what we know about Tom Brady's diet, this is a ringing endorsement.

According to the Hero website, the current formulation of its sliced white bread product has zero carbs, zero sugar, and only 45 calories per slice. More impressive than its nutritional facts, however, is the fact that it's been Amazon's number-one seller in the sliced sandwich bread category for three weeks running.

Hero's classic white bread product contains modified wheat starch and wheat protein. Modified wheat starch has some notable properties, as explained on Hero's Frequently Asked Questions page:


Modified wheat starch (also known as) resistant starch is classified as a dietary fiber. Dietary fibers are not fully broken down and digested which allows us to create bread with 1g net carb per serving. Regular wheat flour contains many net carbs that are broken down into simple sugars and absorbed by the body during digestion.

This is how Hero can create the body of its sliced white bread while keeping your body from turning it into sugar during the typical digestive process.

Food Business News notes that the current popularity of Hero follows its debut on Amazon, where you can buy the brand's white bread, tortillas, hot dog buns, and burger buns. Most low-carb bread products I've found have a chewy texture to them that I'm not a huge fan of, but for the most part, they are fine if you don't think about them too much.

The sustained interest in Hero, however, is making me wonder whether this white bread is genuinely better than the carb-free alternatives that have come before it. I wasn't ready to put my faith in Tom Brady or Subway, but that many Amazon shoppers can't be wrong, can they?