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The Only Amazon Prime Day Deal That Matters

There are some brands that rarely go on sale, and Vitamix is one of them.

When Amazon decides that it's Prime Day, the noise can get overwhelming. Scattered across the internet, you'll see 80-item lists of can't-miss deals for all these cool gadgets and devices you've somehow convinced yourself you suddenly need. It's hard not to feel a little lost, so I'm here to tell you to focus on just one brand: If you're looking to really spoil yourself with one kitchen item, I'd tell you to spring for a Vitamix.

While some cooking tools are annoyingly specialized, the Vitamix is easily one of the best things I've ever purchased for my kitchen. It was something I'd aspired to own for years, and once I finally pulled the trigger, I understood just how useful this appliance can be.

Why an expensive blender like Vitamix is worth the money

If I want a grit-free smoothie—one worthy of its name—I can whip one up in a matter of minutes. My soup game is sick, with an unparalleled execution of roasted cauliflower soup that has yet to let me down. Sauces and purees come together perfectly. My hummus has never been silkier. Simply put, this machine makes me feel like a god in the kitchen. There aren't any other devices that can so reliably produce luxurious textures like a powerful Vitamix can. I used to own a much cheaper blender, and the results could never hold a candle to this thing.


The Vitamix is also known for its long lifespan and good craftsmanship, both of which are factored into the price tag; it's not like you'll need to replace it every few years or anything. I purchased a refurbished model and it's doing just fine, despite the fact that I accidentally almost burned out the motor once. (I don't want to talk about it.)

Which Vitamix should you get?

If you're in the position to easily afford one of the higher-end models, then I suppose it doesn't particularly matter. However, I have the Explorian series, which is on the lower end of the Vitamix line, and I have no major complaints. When I bought it, I thought I might miss out on some of the bells and whistles featured on the pricier ones, but I really just love this thing to death.


The Explorian's interface is super simple, with a power switch, a 10-speed dial, and a pulse button. That's all I need. It can even cook the soup I prepare in it simply due to the heat generated by the force of its blades—that's how strong it is. While I bought my Explorian refurbished with no issues, a Prime Day deal for a new one will run you $289. That's a $60 discount from its usual price, which is a $10 improvement over last year's Amazon deal on the Vitamix.

There is one downside to this miracle appliance, however: Vitamixes are notoriously loud. Power comes with its tradeoffs.

Many professionals will lead you toward the professional-grade 5200 model, not only for its added power but for its less boxy jar (the Explorian is shorter and wider). The sleeker shape means the 5200 is able to create a better, more efficient blending vortex. Serious Eats endorses it, Food Network says it's great for pros, and Saveur says it's the best overall.


And of course, there's a cheaper introductory model called the Vitamix One, currently on sale for $224—a 10% reduction from its typical $250 price tag. This one, however, can't handle things like thick nut butter or hot soups, so for added utility, I think throwing down a bit more for the Explorian is better.

Vitamixes rarely go on sale

Why buy this item on Prime Big Deal Days versus any other day? Because these things don't go on sale often, regardless of which model you pick. They stay expensive simply because they can; even at a discount, you might consider it a splurge. I do, but it's the one thing I'm glad I splurged on. (Unlike some other gadgets I can name.)