YouTube Show Host Makes Gordon Ramsay's Beef Wellington With Ingredients From 7-Eleven

Beef Wellington is a labor intensive dish. It's a beef tenderloin surrounded by mushroom duxelles, sometimes ham, and then puff pastry, and it's extraordinarily easy to screw up. Which is why I've never made it. But YouTube channel show host Josh Scherer of Mythical Kitchen is braver than I am. He went all-out and created chef Gordon Ramsay's version of Beef Wellington, except using convenience store ingredients he purchased at a 7-Eleven.

Check out the video:

Scherer first starts off making a demi glace out of beef jerky, a Coke slurpee, some Big Bite quarter-pound hot dogs, and chili from the nachos machine. I'm sure this is exactly how Gordon Ramsay does it, down to a T. Since mushrooms are not a 7-Eleven staple, he uses their convenience store counterpart, which is obviously Corn Nuts mixed with hot dog topping bar condiments including pico de gallo and pickled jalapeno. Did I mention he adds veggie straws, too? I cannot believe I'm typing all of these words together.

On to the main star of the show: The meat. Well, since 7-Eleven isn't particularly well-known for its selection of fine cuts of beef, it's back to the hot dog. Scherer basically makes a loaf out of ground hot dogs stuffed with more hot dogs, to create the core of his not-so-traditional convenience store Beef Wellington. Too bad Gordon Ramsay isn't around to shout profanities during the shoot, because I'm sure he'd have a lot to say about what is happening.

The next part is particularly genius, in its own magical way. Scherer scrapes the sauce and cheese off a frozen pizza crust and wraps the dough around his hot dog loaf, Corn Nut duxelle, and 7-Eleven sub sandwich ham deli meat. Oh yeah. He also brushes the hot dog ham loaf monstr— er, delicacy with nacho cheese sauce. Then he deep fries the whole thing. The final product is actually pretty magnificent.

Finally, the taste test. He feeds his coworker Trevor Evarts a nice fat spoonful. Evarts, who sounds like he's crying through the whole thing, proclaims, "To be honest, it really doesn't have a flavor that far off of just a hot dog. But I don't think if you asked Gordon Ramsay to do this, he could have done it like you did it." Finest compliment ever.