Should You Feel Guilty Ordering Delivery In Bad Weather?

If you don’t want to be driving on snowy roads, does your delivery driver?

I absolutely understand the feeling of looking outside as snowy winds whip, and just thinking, "Nope." The roads are either slick and icy or they haven't been plowed well enough and traffic is a joke. But, at the same time, you look in the refrigerator and nothing appeals to you. This is when you reach for your phone and turn to an unsung hero—the food delivery driver.


It's because of this person that you're able to sit on your couch wrapped in blankets while your warm food is prepped and brought straight to your door. But, what about the person who actually does have to climb into a car, brave the cold weather, and reach your place in a timely manner so the food doesn't get cold? Sure, you could tip generously (as you should). But, is that enough to make up for having someone go out in a snowstorm, so you can have pizza in bed?

How do drivers feel about delivering food in bad weather?

A post in an unofficial DoorDash Reddit thread from December of 2021 posed the question, "AITA for ordering food when the weather's bad?" (AITA meaning am I the asshole). A surprising amount of respondents in the thread said they actually prefer to deliver food in bad weather because it almost always guarantees them better tips.


Commenter -notsopettylift3r- said, "we choose to dash in the rain, its not like you order food and some random dasher in bed gets a notification and is forced to go out, those who are dashing want orders and want to make money. in fact bad weather means more money because people are more likely to tip and those in a vehicle other than a car are likely not dashing."

Other commenters echoed their support and firmly agreed that the original poster was in fact not the asshole as long they tip well. Many also explained that because DoorDash gives delivery drivers the option to accept or reject an assignment, the situation can be seen as a win-win for all parties involved. This may be true for Door Dashers, but that doesn't mean delivery people across the board share all relish in the challenge of delivering in bad weather. Some may not have the option to accept or reject a delivery assignment.


It’s always better to tip bigger 

Another Reddit thread from 2018 posed a similar question and was met with similar advice to tip generously. Commenters also encouraged patience on behalf of the driver who will likely have to drive under the speed limit for safety reasons. A 2015 Quora thread also backs up this response from delivery drivers. The Quora question asked, "Is it rude to order food delivery during inclement weather?" and many commented it was not rude at all. Commenters said that many restaurants and delivery services love bad weather because it means more people will stay indoors and order which means more business.


So to be safe, I say order until your stomach is content, but be kind and tip generously.