Australian Woman Charged With Driving On Her Phone, Which Was Actually A Delicious Bar Of Ice Cream

After being slapped with a big fine, Michelle Course was able to have the charges dropped.

Have you ever had a Magnum ice cream bar? They're pretty popular overseas, but they don't seem to be as big of a deal here, despite their ice creamy glory. Well, a woman in Melbourne, Michelle Course, is a fan, but her love of the ice cream bar nearly cost her $496 ($353 USD) in Australian cash. In 2020, she was pulled over and charged with driving on her phone, but the twist is, it wasn't a phone at all. She was eating an ice cream bar, A Current Affair reports.


Course told the show, "There's no way I could be eating my Magnum Ego, holding my phone and driving at the same time." She was fined anyway, even though she had a clue trail pointing to the Magnum bar. After showing the police officer the ice cream stick, wrapper, and receipt from six minutes prior to being pulled over, she was still written up anyway. Classic cop move.

To fight the charges, she decided to start building up a case of her own, asking Victoria police for their dashcam video of the incident. Then she asked for her phone records to show that she was not on her phone at the time, either.

Things changed soon after when the case was simply dropped.

Course said, "Common sense has prevailed and the fine has been dropped. I was contacted a few days before the court date and I was very grateful that the system had worked and that justice had come about." Despite what the cop did, Course isn't bitter.


She said, "There's no hard feelings. He was just trying to do his job and I have a lot of respect for the police force and what they do." I'm not sure I'd have been so generous with my forgiveness, since I would probably have been bitter for getting in trouble for my love of ice cream. Case dismissed. Now I want a Magnum bar and justice for all.