Officials Seize 768 Sriracha Bottles Found To Contain Extra Kick

There are so many American exports that Australians just can't seem to get enough of, like KFC, Tupac, and bullfrogs. Hoping to make an easy $300 million, three men in Sydney were recently caught smuggling one popular U.S. export, meth, by concealing it inside a much more innocent-looking export, bottles of Sriracha. Unfortunately for them, the Australian Border Force determined that this was a terrible business plan.

Reuters reports that on October 15, border agents discovered 768 bottles of Sriracha that tested positive for methylamphetamine at a Sydney freight depot. The cargo was traced to three men, who were found and arrested earlier this week. Police also seized eight boxes of meth-racha from the back of a car belonging to one of the suspects, and found an additional 26 boxes while searching the hotel suite where two of them had been staying. Authorities say that the seizure has prevented four million hits of meth from hitting the streets, but did not give any details on how this will affect Australians' Sriracha supply.