Brutal Honesty Is The Best (And Funniest) Policy On The Menu At A Montreal Chinese Restaurant

Honesty, as they say, is the best policy, and this rings true with Feigang Fei, the owner of Cuisine AuntDai, a Chinese restaurant in Montreal. And this policy continues on into the menu, where he describes his orange beef as "not that good."


It's the honest self-reflection in Fei's menu descriptions that went viral from this tweet thread (trust me, it's good):

The Guardian was able to interview Fei about why his descriptions are so openly honest. He said it all started when he first opened and customers started sending back uneaten food. He was disappointed, of course, then learned that the dishes were being sent back because of things like spice levels or texture preferences. So he decided to just go with his own descriptions, and they're golden.

This is on the website's menu, describing a peanut sauce chicken dish:

I don't know why but peanut sauce chicken is liked by a lot of customers at AuntDai.

The words. The introspection. It just cuts straight to the core. I didn't know that humility was a flavor.


And this, regarding the satay sauce beef:

This is new on our menu, I did NOT have chance to try this one yet. According to a lot of customers, this one is very popular, I still don't have chance to taste it. Looks like I should spend more time eating in my own restaurant.

Some things are just priceless—and possibly also provide a little commentary about the people who watch food television:

little little bit spicy, more flavor of cumin, very tasty. We used to have the beef pieces on small sticks but several customers cut their lips by it thinking it was some hard ingredient (They must have watches some shows about weird Chinese food). To avoid incidents like this, no more sticks. Some good infusion from the overly fried onion slices (which you can eat). definitely recommend this.

But really, the entire menu is more refreshing than a glass of cold lemonade on a scorcher of a day. If you feel like you need some self-reflection in your life, study the menu, and you'll feel like a great weight has been lifted off of your shoulders.