Are Your Pets Obsessed With The Fridge?

Does the sound of the refrigerator door make your pet sprint?

A few months ago, we adopted a pair of feral-born kittens from a farm. We brought the little ones back to Chicago and named them Scorpion and Sub-Zero. They are thriving—and by thriving, I mean causing absolute chaos every few hours until they tucker themselves out. ("Fatality! Meow meow meow.")

They have managed to find things in the apartment we never knew existed, most notably a crinkle-cut french fry from Culver's that was enshrouded in a disturbing amount of hair. No, I will not be taking further questions at this time. Anyway, it's Friday, have a photo of Scorpion sleeping with his mouth open like a weirdo:

One thing we've noticed that they do, which is much different from our previous cats: they make a mad dash for the refrigerator door every time they hear it being opened. We've been really diligent about not feeding them human food, so I don't think it's a Pavlovian response. They're just absolutely obsessed with it. What I'll do next is pretend like I'm closing the door on them slowly, which doesn't scare them in the least (in fact, they've tried to jump in with sheer glee). Then eventually I'll have to shoo them out of the way. Then they attack my feet. It's awesome.

The other two cats we had couldn't have cared less about the refrigerator. If they smelled something good, they'd come watch us longingly, but they were so well-behaved that they'd wander off shortly after. In fact, they were so well behaved that they rarely jumped on tables, which is a goddamn miracle in itself. This has gotten me curious, though. For those of you with four-legged friends, are your pets also obsessed with the refrigerator, or is it just our Mortal Kombat kittens?