Is There Any Food That Has Ever Been A Deal-Breaker In Your Relationship?

A Reddit thread has sparked a pretty heated conversation.

A user on one of Reddit's more amusing discussion forums, Am I the Asshole, has a dilemma that some people couldn't quite get over. The original poster lives with their boyfriend, and he absolutely hates the taste and smell of alliums. It was confirmed that it was an aversion rather than an allergy, and it wasn't an inherited preference, as his whole family seems to enjoy it them just fine.

However, his aversion isn't minor: the guy can't even get over the smell, so he won't allow the poster to cook garlic and onions in their apartment. Going out to a restaurant is a rarity for the couple, as so many kitchens cook with garlic and he finds the scent damn near unavoidable. One day, the user writes, the boyfriend went out kayaking, so she took the opportunity to cook chive dumplings. When he got home, he smelled the cooked chives and got upset.

Reddit responses mainly concluded that the boyfriend was being an asshole, and some people even suggested the couple break up. Then there was the suggestion that the boyfriend had sensory issues, which very well might be the case too. I mean, I don't know either of them so I'm not in any place to make an educated guess on the matter.

I don't have any food aversions (thank God, otherwise writing about food would be extremely difficult), so I can't really relate. But I do know that some people do get really upset when it comes to certain foods. Some people can't abide a well-done steak. Some people absolutely hate the way fish smells when it's being cooked. Are these things cause for a breakup? Tell us: Have you ever had any food get in the way of one of your relationships?