Aldi Superfans Are Embracing Canned Fried Fruit This Season

This time, it’s a sweet fall baking ingredient that comes in a can.

We're big fans of Aldi, and it's become abundantly clear that a lot of other people are diehards as well (red bag chicken, anyone?). However, as we saw with Aldi's cocktail-inspired peach Bellini cheeses, not everything can be a winner. So it's worth taking a closer look when one particular product stirs up shoppers' devotion. The last time we talked about Aldi's greatest hits, the product in question was a somewhat surprising ingredient: canned potatoes, which shoppers swear by in terms of both convenience and versatility.

But now there's a new sheriff in town, and it is—drumroll, please—canned apples. But these are canned fried apples with cinnamon. Did any of you know that you could just sell fried fruit in a can? I suppose you can put pretty much anything in a can if you put your mind to it. Back in the ol' Facebook Community group, members have rallied around this interesting ingredient, which I'll be sure to look for during my next grocery run.

People are getting pretty creative by combining the fried apples with other prepared ingredients, using things like cinnamon rolls to make new concoctions like cinnamon roll apple pies (this link is from last year's season). It looks like you can also use these fried apples simply as a topping, too, to garnish things like a dish of Apple Donut Greek Yogurt, another limited-time-only product that's getting rave reviews. I really need to start using a shopping list.

Others mentioned using the apples on top of pork as well, which makes me think I should toss a tenderloin in the smoker and crack open a can of apples afterwards. One Facebook post soliciting cooking ideas for the canned apples netted over 70 suggestions, with ideas like dump cakes (yes, those are a thing!), Dutch baby pancakes, churro cheesecake bars (!!!), and slow cooker pork dishes. Home cooks never cease to astound me with their resourcefulness.

Since fall is practically here, it's worth trawling through the aisles at Aldi to find the new cool items. If you all have any product recommendations, always feel free to let us know in the comments. I need ideas for dinner, everyone.