Aldi Fans Canned Get Enough Of These Potatoes

Aldi fans are declaring their love for the store's canned spuds on social media.

When it comes to canned vegetables, what do you reach for the most? For me, it's almost always canned sweet corn. I absolutely love the stuff, even straight out of the can. But one time not terribly long ago, I absentmindedly grabbed a can of potatoes off the grocery store shelf and ended up making clam chowder with it. Once I dug in, I was impressed at how well the spuds had held up, especially after simmering in broth for soup. They were still solid, with bite to them, and hadn't fallen apart like I'd feared.

Turns out that Aldi devotees—a passionate group that we've written about before—are big fans of the grocery chain's canned potatoes, as Today reports that the tubed tubers enjoy a small but mighty following. Members of Facebook group (1.4 million members strong!) have been sharing what they've been cooking with the canned potatoes, and it turns out they're a pretty damn useful ingredient in a pinch.

One user shared to the group that she used to eat canned potatoes growing up, but forgot about them until spying them on Aldi shelves again years later. She likes to use them for stove-fried potatoes and potato salad, and is planning on giving potatoes au gratin a shot next.

Canned potatoes are preserved in water during the vacuum-sealing process, but from my past experience they're ready to go right after they're drained and dumped from the can. We're a two-person household, and occasionally I'll forget about potatoes for long enough that they become an unusable, dessicated version of themselves (aka a major waste). I'm due for a trip to Aldi very soon, so maybe I'll pop a few cans of potatoes into my cart next time. At least I know they won't go bad due to my gross kitchen negligence. And they probably go great with a frozen deep dish pizza.