Adele's Ideal Last Meal Is Probably Not What You Think It Is

Hint: it involves a giant pair of golden arches and french fries.

If you had to pick, what would your last meal be? I'm guessing it wouldn't be McDonald's, but that's exactly what singer Adele said she would pick for hers. She revealed this information during an interview with British Vogue, along with some other tidbits about her eating habits.

First of all, I'd say this is a pretty respectable, well-rounded pick for favorite McDonald's meal in general. She says, "My ideal meal, my death row meal, my last meal, would be a McChicken Nugget with a Big Mac and then fries." She then admitted that she eats there at least once a week.

Heh. I used to eat McDonald's once a week too. I had this glorious card that netted me a free Big Mac, one a week, that was good for a whole year. I always left it in the car, which made sense, since I'd only go to the drive-thru. Then my car got broken into, and the thief nabbed the card along with anything else that wasn't glued down to the interior. That was the most heartbreaking thing about the break-in. Thank you for listening to me pour my heart out to you.

Adele also revealed she's a fan of cheeky Nando's (I am too), saying, "I get a quarter of chicken with some coleslaw, some rice and some fries. And I get medium Peri heat, Peri sprinkles on my fries as well." Personally, I'm a bigger fan of their mushy peas than the rice, not that you asked.

The bulk of the video, however, is Adele identifying different foods via a blindfolded taste test. It's pretty entertaining, since she first tries to figure out what each food is by touch, and watching her pat down a full English breakfast is pretty good. I'd say it's worth the watch if you've got 10 minutes to spare today.

You can watch the video in its entirety here: