What A Four-Course Meal At A Weed Pizza Parlor Looks Like

A reporter visited a restaurant that infuses THC into its menu, and left in a haze.

I'll be up front with you: I'm not a big stoner, though sometimes I wish I were. (For some reason, being stoned eventually stopped being fun. Insert frowny face.). But reading about people having a lot of fun with it is second best, and an Insider reporter recently visited an NYC pizza joint that sells THC-infused food, some of which looks intense.


The restaurant, Stoned Gourmet Cannabis Pizza, has been selling food infused with the dank stuff since 2017, and now that recreational consumption is fully legal in New York, it's a little easier to slip by with it. The space itself is decorated like a stoner haven, with songs by Snoop Dogg included in the soundtrack.

As for the food, it comes heavily laced. The four-course meal has over 400 mg of THC, which is a lot. By comparison, a joint can contain anywhere between 60 to 150 mg of THC, and I've seen edibles come in doses as low as 2 mg. So yes, that's one strong meal, if you crush the whole thing.

Stoned also offers drinks containing 30 mg of THC, such as Canna Cola and Orange Kush. Insider reporter Andrea Michelson ordered a black cherry lemonade without a hint of weed flavor in it, but it was nonetheless potent on the substance side.


First course was Ganja Knots, or THC-infused garlic knots with pesto, dosed with 100 mg. The second course, Sticky Icky Wings, featured battered and barbecue-sauced wings with a dipping sauce, each wing clocking in at 25 mg. The third course finally got to the pizza itself: four square slices (cheese, sausage, veggie, and pepperoni) at 40 mg per slice. But the dessert, which was the big hit, was the Canna Cannoli with a side of ice cream (60 mg).

Though Michelson was a little nervous she'd walk away from the meal blitzed beyond belief, she ended up riding a good high for the rest of the night, and so I'd imagine that we'll see more places like this in the future. Recreational weed is legal in Chicago, and we have dispensaries too, so it's not too far-fetched to predict some not-so-underground pop-ups might start appearing around town.