A Chick-Fil-A Employee Reveals Strangest Customer Requests

One of the orders even included "medium rare" chicken.

Customers at a restaurant can ask for some pretty extreme things sometimes. Thankfully, the pizza restaurant I worked at has a no-substitutions policy, so most requests didn't trickle down to us grunts in the kitchen unless it involved severe allergies. But workers at Chick-fil-A are not as protected. An employee at Chick-fil-A who goes by the username @etherealloverboy on TikTok has dedicated their entire account to unusual customer requests, and it's a good reminder of what kinds of unusual requests people who work at restaurants have to deal with. Yahoo has the scoop.


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Each video simply shows a wall covered tickets from the ordering system, each with a bizarre order on it. And yes, for your information, restaurant employees do keep track of things they find funny (I can verify that many server stations have a secret sticky wall for stuff like this). The employee's voice is run through a wavy vocal filter so you can't identify them, which makes the videos even better.

One of my favorite reveals was a customer who wanted "mac and cheese with a straw." Hey, we don't know what's going on in their life, you know? Perhaps they've found a novel way to eat something. One video shows a request for someone who had ordered a "thick frosty," "even though," @etherealloverboy explains, "we do not serve Frosty's at Chick-fil-A. That is called Wendy's."

There's also a recurring theme of people requesting items be left off, like "no tomatoes" then a line instructs the cook to "add tomatoes," which just creates confusion and time to the order. Then there's the customer who requested a chicken sandwich that was cooked "medium rare," which I'm still trying to wrap my head around. Of course, there are complaints too, like "angry about fruit cup." And there's some jokey notes in there written through the system from other employees, like "Only 39 minutes left to go, we can do this."

So next time you're at a restaurant thinking you might be causing trouble by asking for something weird, just know that there probably really is someone in back laughing at you.