A Canadian Grocery Store Has A Hit Anime Commercial On Their Hands

When I was growing up, liking anime and video games automatically made you the least cool person in the room. My, my, how the tables have turned, because young Dennis would be having a goddamn field day right now because of the sheer variety of anime content that's available and a pop culture that embraces all of it.

Now a Canadian grocery store chain called No Frills (that's kind of an awesome name) has released this one-minute anime style commercial, and people are going wild for it, according to Comicbook.com. Before I clicked on the play button, I was a skeptic.

Now I'm a believer. This commercial is awesome. It's got action, a wry sense of humor, a sick trap beat, and a grandma who shops like a goddamn superhero. What a rollercoaster. And those transitions? That's some next-level shit. I watched it three times in a row, and it's working as an ad, too, because suddenly I want to go to the grocery store now.

The initial discoverer of the commercial posted about it on Twitter (the tweet's since lit up):

But to be honest, those were pretty much the same words in my head. Have any of you been to a No Frills? I'm getting sort of an Aldi vibe from the quarter slot in the shopping cart reference. I realize it's a grocery store, but in my mind, it's already so much more. It's where you're a hero for doing what feels like a thankless task during these nerve-wracking times.