5 Couples Who Made It Official In The Drive-Thru Lane

Let's pave the way to your happiest day with fries and ketchup packets.

All great love stories begin and end with a side of fries. For couples whose origin story leads back to the moment they locked eyes after reaching for the exact same order (No. 5 no onions and a large drink), there's no better way to honor their love than by taking it back to the beginning. Other couples just happen to have a mutual love for one particular fast food chain, and it is that chain that has kept their connection strong on their journey to the altar.

Whatever the case may be, getting married at a fast food restaurant or planning a wedding with a full fast food theme is a fantasy many have made come true. If you and your partner have ever played with the idea of having Ronald McDonald officiate your wedding or cutting into a Whopper tower instead of a cake at your reception, look to these couples as a source of inspiration.

Subway Nuptials

One Michigan couple traced their love story back to 2017 at a Subway location. By 2021, Zack Williams and Julie Bushart knew they owed their romance to the sandwich chain (and Bushart's mother who slid Williams her daughter's phone number), so they threw a Subway-themed wedding to celebrate their first meeting.


Subway representatives caught wind of the couple's plans and decided to surprise the young lovers on their special day. The soon-to-be Mr. and Mrs. went back to the exact Subway location where their love story began. There, Subway representatives informed the pair that they would receive a free "Subway-themed photoshoot" on their wedding day, as well as a celebratory ride in a Subway-wrapped convertible. Finally, Subway delivered the couple's favorite sandwiches and cookies to the wedding reception.

Taco Bell Cantina Wedding

Fill your wedding day with mas love by getting married at a Taco Bell. Specifically, we recommend the Taco Bell Cantina in Las Vegas. This particular Taco Bell location has been doing weddings since 2017 and has its own site for booking your special day. The page boasts the stories of many couples who have tied the knot at the Cantina.


A wedding costs $600, which includes half an hour in the Taco Bell "chapel," which allows up to 15 guests, T-shirts for everyone, a Taco Bell party pack of tacos, Cinnabon cake, a sauce packet bouquet, plus a matching bowtie and garter. The chapel takes COVID-19 concerns very seriously, requiring that all guests agree to a temperature check and adhere to social distancing requirements. Also, "The sauce bouquet is cleaned and sanitized before and after each wedding."

Dunkin’ Drive-Thru Vows

This union was so sweet it will make your teeth hurt. In 2020, Sugar Good, a Dunkin' manager in Edmond, Oklahoma, wedded John Thompson in the drive-thru of a Dunkin' Donuts. Thompson was a Dunkin' regular and Good would often chat with him. The rest is history.


The Dunkin' love connection runs so strong with these two that Thompson also proposed in the parking lot at 3 a.m. when dropping Good off for her shift. So, when it came time to pick a location for the special day, they couldn't think of a better place than right where they first met. "We knew we wanted to share it with the Dunkin' family," said Good. The attire was casual, the crowd full of unsuspecting drive-thru customers, and the couple couldn't have been happier about it. Free doughnuts were supplied to all in attendance.

Mc-Love Each Other Forever

Getting hitched under the golden arches is something McDonald's Canada takes pride in helping to facilitate. The company's corporate site boasts two love stories that led to matrimony in a drive-thru lane despite COVID-19 taking a toll on weddings in 2021.


One couple, Stephanie and Phil, met at McDonald's when they were crew members 15 years ago. Since then, they've had four kids and continued to work for the fast food franchise. The other couple, Aline and Aaron, had been together 12 years with two kids, but their previous wedding plans never came to fruition. Cue McDonald's easy, COVID-safe wedding day! Both couples "drove thru in a convertible, recited heartfelt vows and were declared married by an officiant standing in the Drive Thru window," reports McDonald's Canada.

Wedding at Wendy’s

This love story didn't start at a Wendy's, but the chain covered all the wedding costs, and who could turn that down? Back in 2018, The Spectrum reported on the wedding of a couple in Utah that took place at a local Wendy's.


The wedding was between Abram Thompson and Jessica Aikens who had won a contest at a radio station sponsored by the burger chain. As part of their win, Wendy's supplied the decor, the attire, the rings, professional photography, and, of course, the wedding venue. The decor included Wendy's memorabilia and guests received free Frosty's.

"We've been wanting to get married, but the funds were never there and would never be there," said the bride. "Wendy's is just the venue. The people who were here, they're real, they love us, and we love them. We love each other."