Remember 3D Doritos? They're (Probably) Coming Back

I was in my high school and college years when Doritos 3D were originally available, and then they unceremoniously disappeared off the face of the planet in the mid-2000s. I remember "borrowing" some from my dorm roommate's snack pile when he wasn't around.


If any of you remember them, they were these puffy hollow snacks dusted with cheese powder and had an airy texture sort of like Bugles. Sometimes they came in a hard plastic container with a screw top. Well, they're now on the comeback cycle like so many other novelty items are these days, and you can expect them to come out sometime early next year, which is way sooner than it sounds.

Rather than your traditional Nacho Cheese and Cool Ranch flavors, there will allegedly be a slight twist: It'll be those flavors, but...spicy? Mind-blowing, I know. This news is a semi-sleuthed, semi-leaked bit of information from Candyhunting, a popular account on Instagram.

They'll be out in time for the Super Bowl, so you'll have yet another flavor-dusted item to wash (lick) off your fingers before you grab the remote to turn up the volume on The Weeknd's halftime performance and whatever zany commercials pique your interest, which will probably include at least one more Doritos commercial.

A few nostalgic fans are getting excited on Twitter, and I can't remember the last time I even thought of these snacks, but I do like a puffed-up potato cage now and then. It's that third dimension of flavor that really brings me in.