How To Decode The Price Tags At Aldi For A Money-Saving Grocery Trip

If you have an Aldi or two in your area, you know that you can't beat its unique combination of low prices, pared-down but ample selection, and delightful middle aisle teeming with things you don't need (but suddenly can't live without). Shopping there can be confusing at first, though, especially if you're unaware of the price tag color codes.


Aldi's price tags, which are usually place in the shelf liner below the item to which they correspond, come in five colors: green, yellow, white, red, and blue. And each color, as well as the text color, means something different. While all the price tags offer everyday savings, especially compared to other grocery stores, some of them indicate special prices that can save you major bucks on your grocery bill.

Green, yellow, and white Aldi tags (with black text) are indicative of "core" items that the store always carries, things like chips, butter, milk, and bronze-cut pasta. Red writing on either yellow or white tags, as well as white writing on red tags, means you're getting an exceptional buy: Red Hot Savings, clearance, Aldi Finds, Aldi Savers, or sale items.


What red writing means on Aldi price tags

Red text appears on two different colors of Aldi price tags, and it means a few different things, all of which equal big savings. Red writing on a yellow tag indicates an Aldi Red Hot Special. These are different from Aldi Finds in that they'll be around longer than a week (more likely than not, a season), but they are still limited time and a great deal. The other type of yellow color/red writing tags are clearance items. It's the lowest they'll be marked down, so if you want them, don't wait.


You might also see red writing on a white tag. These tags announce Aldi Finds, which are located in the middle aisle of the store and can range from patio furniture to hot sauces. These items are super popular because they're often really good imitations of more expensive name-brand items — like the $10 Stanley Cup dupe — but for a fraction of the price.

There is another type of tag with red writing on a white background, and though they aren't Aldi Finds, they indicate an exceptional deal. Aldi Savers, with the words inside a red arrow pointing downward, are normally yellow tag/black text items that the store wants to get rid of quickly.

Blue tags, red stickers, and red tags

The eye-catching blue tags mean that an item is seasonal; in fact, they might actually say "Seasonal" on them (but not always). These items are like Aldi Finds, but they'll stick around for a few months, versus a week or less. As an example, Aldi might put barbecue sauces and hot honey on an end cap for May, June, July, and August, with blue tags to indicate their seasonality. Seasonal items may also be great dupes of name-brand goods, but at a lower price point.


Some of the most coveted treasures at Aldi are red sticker products. These red stickers are placed on the item itself and read something like "$2 Off" or, even better, "50% off." They can be found in the already well-priced Aldi meat section, where shoppers can find chicken, salmon, or even premium steak half-off.

Finally, next time you're shopping, look for red tags with white text. While Aldi's everyday prices are like sale prices at other grocery stores, even this grocery store chain marks down regular items that may be nearing expiration or are part of a seasonal price drop. The red background/white text tags read "New Low Price."