This Is How Long You Have With That Opened Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is having a glow-up. The curdy dairy product was formerly known mostly as a staple of grandparents everywhere, but after gaining traction as a trendy TikTok food (with viral recipes using it as everything from a toast topping to an ice cream base), cottage cheese seems to be experiencing a revival in popularity among Gen-Z.


Although some people think cottage cheese is gross, I have always preferred the creamy, tangy, curd-packed dairy product over plain old yogurt. I am partial to the large-curd, full-fat variety, but no matter how you take your cottage cheese, you definitely want to make sure it is safe to eat. So, how long does cottage cheese really last?

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, unopened refrigerated cottage cheese should be consumed within two weeks of the date of purchase, and once you've cracked that tub open, you've got about one week to finish it off (which should be no problem for most true cottage cheese devotees).

Other ways to determine if cottage cheese is safe to eat

If you're organized enough to remember the exact date that you opened a tub of cottage cheese, time since opening is a great way to determine if the curds in question are still safe to eat. But for those of us who can't even remember what we ate for breakfast, other methods rely more on the five senses (and common sense).


If the cottage cheese has visible mold, appears overly watery, or smells rancid or sour, it is not safe to eat — please chuck it. Even if you bought the cottage cheese this morning and just cracked the seal, if it's experiencing any of these symptoms, trash it (and maybe try to get your money back). If you're not sure, always err on the side of caution.

If the cottage cheese looks good, smells good, and you remember buying it, it's probably safe to take a teeny little taste. When in doubt, always go with your gut, but if it tastes like cottage cheese, you're most likely in the clear. Enjoy that curdy, tangy goodness!