Soggy Leftover Chipotle Bowls Are No More With One Simple Trick

I don't know about you, but my go-to order at Chipotle is always a burrito bowl. They're less of a mess than a burrito, and despite not necessarily being the size of a football and having the density of a neutron star, they're still usually a ton of food, provided I don't inhale the whole thing at once. The thing is, if I do decide to be reasonable and split my bowl into lunch and dinner, there's usually a problem, one I'm guessing many of you Chipotle eaters have run into before. 


The bowl, which is made of compostable fiber, inevitably gets soggy in your refrigerator. All the natural liquid from your food sinks to the bottom of the container, making the bowl itself wobbly, damp, and, frankly, kind of gross. And though I'm 1,000 times skeptical of social media hacks showing you how to fix little inconveniences in your life, TikTok user @brookemcgee_ figured out how to prevent this soggy bowl bottom issue altogether, and I'm actually mildly annoyed I didn't think of this one first: All you have to do is store the entire container upside down.


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Just flip the burrito bowl upside down

The video itself is from a few years back, but the hack's still good — cinch the foil lid tightly around your paper burrito bowl and give it a quick flip before putting it in the fridge. The food settles on the foil lid, preventing any liquid from pooling into the biodegradable bowl, and that way you don't have a potential damp spot on your fridge shelf to wipe off once you grab your leftovers. Just be absolutely sure to crimp that foil lid tightly so nothing can potentially leak out, and always grab the bowl from the bottom when you're pulling it out to prevent a disastrous extraction.


This hack is fairly specific to Chipotle, considering the way the chain's foil lids are designed to hug the edges of the fiber bowl. But if you visit an establishment that uses similar packaging, as long as your leftovers aren't primarily liquid, you can easily employ the same technique to keep your fridge's shelf dry ... along with your kitchen table, coffee table, office desk, lap, or wherever you choose to scarf your leftovers.