Hey UK Peeps, If You Want To Save Your Pubs, You'll Need To Down 124 Pints

Globally, the pandemic has kicked a big dent into the food and drink business, and Britain has been no exception. After so many months of mandatory closure, pubs especially are hurting. Restrictions on taverns lift today in the UK, as pubs without garden spaces will be allowed to open after five months. A financial firm called Company Debt calculated just how many pints each British adult would have to drink to bring the pubs back to their pre-COVID financial state. Spoiler alert: it's... a lot.

With the latest estimates suggesting that the UK's food and beverage industry lost at least £25.66bn due to Covid-19 we wondered how much every person in the UK would need to spend in order to reach pre-pandemic levels.

In particular we wondered how far that money would go in pubs, one of the most beleaguered sectors.

We came up with a figure of 124 per pints per adult, based on a figure of 52 million adults in the UK.

Well, that's a lot of beer. I guess it's time for people to start drinking, though I know that now that people can see each other face to face, that number might automatically get a boost.

Don't feel left out, non-drinkers. You can help, too, by eating a shitload of potato chips, or as they say over in the UK, crisps. And each adult would have to eat 976 packages of them. This is also the equivalent of 40 roast dinners, which is a lot of beef and Yorkshire pudding too. I'd say a combination of dinners, potato chips, and beer might do the trick. Company Debt has made a poster to inspire Brits to do their part.

Obviously that is not an ideal approach to catching the economy back up, but it is an interesting marker to see just how badly one industry was hurt during the hardest times of COVID-19.