12 Obscure National Food Days You've Probably Never Heard Of

The most bizarrely specific celebrations of food we could find on the National Day Calendar.

Food is a wonder that we should be celebrating all the time (we certainly do our part). And if you take a quick look at the National Food Days calendar, you'll see that there's plenty to celebrate. In fact, there are many, many such holidays that we never knew existed.

From a day dedicated to eating dessert for breakfast to a day just for people who love the combination of marshmallow and peanut butter, there's probably a national day for every type of food you can think of. Mark your calendars now with these obscure celebrations, one for every month of the year.

January: Fresh Squeezed Juice Day

On January 15 each year, don't you dare grab anything from concentrate. Bust out the juicer or hit a smoothie shop in recognition of National Fresh Squeezed Juice Day. The origin of this national day is unclear, but juice has been around as long as humans have had the capacity to wring out fruit. Whether it's being purchased for that persistent myth of diet culture, the "detox," or just a refreshing drink served in a tiny box to children at lunch time, juice deserves our praise.

February: Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day

Listen, I'm a grown-ass adult and I will eat whatever I want for breakfast every day of the week. But being able to point to the calendar and say "I'm just following the rules" is pretty great also. Mark your calendar for February 4, because it's going to be a sweet morning. On National Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day, not a single person shall be judged for having a banana split with extra scoops. Bananas make it breakfast.

March: Cheese Doodle Day

To be clear, this is not a holiday exclusive to Cheetos. On March 5 we celebrate all the airy, cheese-dusted snacks out there in all their forms: puffs, curls, balls, you name it. This is the day to buy the largest bag, dive in, and do not lick your fingers until the entire bag is finished. That's the best way to celebrate this cheesy, crunchy day.

April: Glazed Spiral Ham Day

You might think a gorgeously glazed ham would be celebrated around the winter holidays, but that's not the case. National Glazed Spiral Ham Day falls on April 15, closer to another hammy holiday, Easter Sunday. You don't have to prepare a big feast just to place this cut of meat as the centerpiece (unless you want to). Throw a few slices into a sandwich and it'll still be a great way to celebrate the holiday. If you have leftovers, we have some great ideas for how to use them.

May: Crouton Day

Little bits of crunchy, toasted bread are the star on May 13. These simple nuggets can make or break a salad experience, can't they? Unlike some other national food holidays that are established after a rise in popularity, croutons deserve to be celebrated because they're the sort of staid, humble food that's seemingly always been around. They're a reliable addition to soups, salads, and any other dishes in need of a well-seasoned crunch, and we love them for it.

June: Applesauce Cake Day

The home bakers out there already know that applesauce can make a cake deliciously moist, and on June 6, they are invited to prove it to the rest of us. You know how people say there's nothing more "American" than apple pie? Well, step aside, because applesauce cake is patriotic as hell. During wartime in the US, housewives made simple, inexpensive applesauce cake due to food shortages.

July: Drive-Thru Day

If you ever needed an excuse for getting food from the drive-thru (though you shouldn't need one), July 24 is a great day to blame it on. National Drive-Thru Day is when people across the country can celebrate the convenience of ordering and receiving food without having to leave their vehicle. Just imagine the days when that wasn't even possible, and you'll understand why a national celebration is merited. Although, if you're going to celebrate, it's worth noting that a bike can go through these lanes just as well as a gas-guzzling SUV can.

August: Mustard Day

A staple condiment that deserves a strong celebration: mustard. National Mustard Day comes around on August 6, and there are a bounty of ways you can and should celebrate. Squirt some mustard on a hot dog, a burger, or a sandwich. Marvel at how well it pairs with pickles. Use some in a recipe or eat some Grey Poupon ice cream. You could also visit the The National Mustard Museum where the holiday originated.

September: Blueberry Popsicle Day

Another underrated, under-appreciated, and definitely under-celebrated item in the dessert canon is the blueberry popsicle. Or at least that's what diehards will say on September 2, when the blueberry popsicle finally gets its day in the sun (which is why you should get one fast). While the orange creamsicle is a beloved ice cream truck treat, and people always have streaks of juice dripping down their chins from a whole rainbow of freezie pop flavors, blueberry sweets are rarely ever in the lineup. Help this popsicle have its moment.

October: Fluffernutter Day

A regional delicacy, but somehow the fluffernutter snagged itself a national day. On October 8, the people of the New England region of the country, where this marshmallow-peanut butter sandwich was invented, can proudly declare their love for the sticky-sweet combo. This is truly not a holiday for everyone, but don't tell the New Englanders that. Instead, slather some ultra-sweet spreads on your Wonder bread and see if the childhood staple grows on you.

November: Pizza with the Works Except Anchovies Day

At The Takeout, we are generally not in favor of yucking anyone's yum, but it looks like the keepers of the hallowed national food holidays calendar don't give a crap about that. November 12 is the very specific day to discriminate against anchovies, in recognition of National Pizza with the Works Except Anchovies Day. So, load up your pizza with everything that isn't tinned fish and enjoy the fact that, for one day at least, you can be rude about a beloved pizza style.

December: Oatmeal Muffin Day

Sometimes basic is best, despite what popular culture might say. December 19, National Oatmeal Muffin Day, is the best example of a basic beauty. These muffins are simple and satisfying. No extra frills, but you still get a muffin out of the experience. You can't complain on National Oatmeal Muffin Day, unless you end up with nuts in yours. I'd complain about that.