Zombie Skittles Will Let You Taste The Rainbow—and Rotting Human Flesh

If there's a greatest hits chart of general gripes, "selling holiday decorations or products months before said holiday" would have to be pretty high on that list. Skittles has decided to avoid that everyday irritation, that teeth-grinding mistake, by making sure its next big holiday push is being advertised in an appropriate month, and has thus announced Zombie Pack Skittles, which will arrive in stores in October of 2019. You've got a whole year to eagerly anticipate the pleasure of eating a bag of Skittles in which a few of the Skittles are Rotten Zombie-flavored Skittles.

Food & Wine reports that the Zombie Packs will contain all the normal Skittle flavors, given spooooooky names: Petrifying Citrus Punch, Mummified Melon, Boogeyman Blackberry, Chilling Black Cherry, and Blood Red Berry. But there will be Skittles of another flavor scattered throughout. That flavor is Rotten Zombie, and who knows what that tastes like. Well, the people at Skittles do, but hopefully no one else does.

Perhaps Skittles is just giving us a year to warm up to the idea? It's not as though this sort of flavor-based roulette is new, though the flavor of reanimated rotting corpses will certainly be a novelty. Jelly Belly has been doing the BeanBoozled thing since 2008, and also makes the real-world, non-magical version of the Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans from the Harry Potter books. Both involve flavors like vomit, booger, and stinky socks (some flavors appear in both). Kids—and, let's be real, some adults—enjoy experiencing things that are weird, painful, unpleasant, or even sort of unsafe, and chomping down on a soap-flavored piece of candy is a hell of a lot less strange than goldfish swallowing. And doesn't include the health risks of the cinnamon challenge (remember that?). So, it's gross, but at least not likely to land you in the hospital.

Zombie Skittles, when they eventually crawl out of the deep, dank grave in which they're currently stored, will set you back $1.89 for Share Size bags, $2.49 for Lay Down Bags, $2.99 for Fun Size Bags, and whatever the current fee is for blowing chunks in the back of a Lyft.