YouTuber Sends Big Mac To Space, Eats It

Launching food into space: the final frontier! Pizza Hut sent pizzas to the International Space Station, a YouTuber sent garlic bread into space and then ate it, and another out-of-this-world food attempt went awry when a dessert actually got lost... in space!

So we can only expect more foods to get blasted into space, because why not. YouTube user Killem, for example (who has 2,706,716 subscribers), decided to send a Big Mac up there, calling it "the first McDonald's in space." But what will it taste like post-journey?

Killem's plan is to send the Big Mac up "100,00 feet, 24 miles high" into space, where temperatures will drop to -50 degrees Celsius. This plan includes a weather balloon, which will eventually pop; a parachute so that the burger will remain intact on the way down; and a tracker, so Killem and his crew will be able to find the returned-to-earth burger. Before the launch, Killem stresses in his 20-minute video: "There's so many things that can go wrong!... I've done maths for the first time in years."

The 20-minute video sags a bit in the middle, as Killem has nothing else to do but wait for the burger to return from it space journey. There's a moment of drama when it appears that the tracker is lost. But the Big Mac comes through in the end, and after Killem and crew go to pick it up in a football field, he takes a big bite of that burger. Apparently, it tastes dry, powdery, and frozen, which is not too surprising, since it's been in space.

Honestly, just jump ahead to minute 15 in the video, when Killem tries the burger, and then releases the exciting Big-Mac-in-space footage. Unfortunately, the camera conked out upon the burger's return to the planet, but it's still fun to see it going up, up, up in the air. Just think, that Big Mac has been to a place that most of us will never experience. And now, it is gone.