Your Thoughts: Single-Serving Lunch Meats?

Ask a French and an American to visualize "cheese," and there's a good chance the answer yields two different images. Our guess: A French person will see cheese in block form, perhaps creamy and flecked with blue, while an American will see it individually wrapped in plastic.

Since Americans notion of cheese comes mostly in the form of Kraft Singles, why not of lunch meats? Why buy a pound of ham at the deli counter and risk it turning a shade of orange before you go through it all?

A press release came to our attention this morning, and it comes from Hormel, which is introducing "Single Serve" deli meats in select stores this summer. These two-ounce portions in resealable pouches come with five slices of ham or turkey, and retail for $1.29 to $1.49.

The most curious angle of this is how the company landed on five slices of deli meat as an appropriate single serving? I'm not saying this is an incorrect quantity, but I'd like to open it up to the commentariat as to how many pieces of deli meat you steal from the deli pouch every time the fridge is opened. That number for me is three, although three pieces of turkey in its own resealable pouch would feel like a waste of plastic.

Okay, I've invested way too much thought into this. As you were.