YouPorn Office Bans Starbucks, Escalates Porn-Coffeeshop Tit-For-Tat

Just this morning, we told you that Starbucks had announced it will begin blocking access to pornographic websites on its WiFi networks beginning in 2019. Two thoughts: 1) About dang time, right, Starbucks? 2) Why are people watching porn in public?

In only took a few hours for YouPorn, one of the world's largest streaming porn sites, to escalate the situation:

To this letter, we also have a few questions: 1) What are the qualifications to be considered for the YouPorn Executive Leadership Team? 2) Are part-time employees at YouPorn receiving a living wage with benefits? 3) How strict will this be enforced? If I bring Starbucks coffee inside a reusable mug, will my YouPorn direct manager check for its content?