You Might Be The Only Person Ordering Delivery For The Super Bowl

A new survey polled Americans on their Super Bowl party spreads.

It's the Friday before Super Bowl Sunday, and everyone's being bombarded with tips on what to make for the Super Bowl, the best place to order wings, and which delivery services are offering promotional deals. (Guilty on all counts.) But despite the modern wonder of on-demand food delivery, the ease of app-based ordering, and an explosion of wing-based restaurant concepts, it turns out that most people still prefer to do things the old-fashioned way: by making a trip to the grocery store and prepping a game day spread themselves.

The data comes to us courtesy of Attest, a consumer research platform, which polled Americans on their Super Bowl LVI plans. Granted, this is a survey of 1,000 people—a rather piddling sample size, considering the Super Bowl nets roughly 100 million viewers each year. Still, the data points to some interesting trends, specifically when respondents were asked, "What are you planning for your Super Bowl food spread?" Here's how the results break down:

  • I'll go to the store and make it myself: 48.5%
  • I'm not sure: 17.6%
  • I'll order from a food-delivery app (DoorDash, UberEats, Grubhub, etc.): 10.1%
  • I'll order directly from a local restaurant: 8.4%
  • I'll order groceries through a delivery app (Instacart, Amazon Prime, etc) and make it myself: 6.6%
  • I'll order directly from a national food chain: 5.1%
  • None of the above: 3.7%
  • I'm a little concerned about those 37 respondents who answered "none of the above." Is there anyone, anywhere, who plans on watching five hours of NFL programming without any sort of snack plan in place? Our heart goes out to them.

    Most importantly, though, it seems that despite a whole world of food delivery promotions and endless TV spots advertising Game Day wing platters, a whole lot of people still prefer to do things the old-fashioned way. Go to grocery store, procure ingredients, cook, assemble buffet, serve. For some of us, the best part of entertaining is being able to say, "Glad you like it—I'll send you the recipe!"

    Oh, and to those "not sure" folks: Not to worry. We've got ideas for you.