You Can Now Drink Saturday Night Live Wine While Alone At Home On Saturday Night

Just in time for the holidays, Saturday Night Live has rolled out a line of wines. This is the perfect gift for your uncle who thinks his Stefon impression is not only appropriate but hilarious. (It's probably neither.)

Entertainment Weekly announced the new vino collection Wednesday, which includes a Debbie Downer Chardonnay, a Stefon Beaujolais and The Californians Monterey County Merlot.

"When you're tired of listening to the Debbie Downer in your life lament about the weather forecast and lurking pathogens, it's time to break out this charming bottle of chardonnay," the label reads, according to EW.

I'm honestly disappointed that there is no Jeff Sessions Syrah, which would most certainly result in the world's creepiest wine label:

The SNL vino is the latest example of television shows hoping to capitalize on fandom by getting into the booze game. I mean, they're on to something: We are all home surrounded by cats on Saturday night with a few bottles on the coffee table, amiright?

I'm a bit of a wine snob but I definitely plan to try a bottle of Pinot Noir by Titus Burgess because this song and music video give me actual life:

And while I'm most certainly not the audience Duck Dynasty is going for, I'm sure all the white women who voted for Trump will love to get a bottle of hot pink "Miss Priss" in their stocking.