You Can Buy Mean Girls Toaster Strudel Now, Which Is Grool

Toaster Strudel. There's really only one thing you can think of when you hear those words: the bragging tone of Gretchen Wieners in Mean Girls, dropping casually into a conversation to point out that her father invented toaster strudel, a fact that has gifted her the aura of glamour with which she glides through her high school existence. Now, 16 years after the release of the iconic film, Pillsbury is releasing a limited-edition box of Mean Girls–themed Toaster Strudel with pink icing—because it's Wednesday, and on Wednesdays we wear pink. As far as promotions go, we'll take it.


Toaster Strudel was by no means a prominent part of Mean Girls. Instead, over the past decade and a half, the movie's legend has only continued to grow, and practically every frame has become iconic and quotable, a pop cultural earworm. (Kalteen bars! Danny DeVito! Jingle Bell Rock! Glen Coco!) Toaster Strudel is sort of like Bubba Gump Shrimp, in that way: a product that bears a tenuous but undeniable attachment to a famous film. It's nice that Pillsbury is finally acknowledging that.

"We're thrilled to bring this limited-edition Mean Girls product and sweepstakes to fans everywhere, especially for all the not-so-regular, but cool moms out there," said General Mills senior brand experience planner Keavy O'Malley Keyes in a press release. (Because who could forget Amy Poehler in perhaps her finest role?)


The "sweepstakes" mentioned above was announced by Lacey Chabert (portrayer of Gretchen Wieners), and involves submitting a photo of creative icing designs atop your Mean Girls Toaster Strudel for the chance to win a personalized video message from Chabert. But here's the real reason you might want to buy some, per the press release (emphasis ours):

In addition, with the purchase of two specially marked boxes of Pillsbury Toaster Strudel in one transaction between September 1 and October 31, fans can watch Mean Girls for free, on us, through Fandango! Perfect for viewing on Mean Girls Day on October 3 or any day of the year, Mean Girls is currently available on Digital for purchase or rental.

Props to Toaster Strudel for seemingly creating an entire Instagram profile just to share the details around this promotion. (If it just continues posting Mean Girls memes it will become the most popular account on the internet by this time tomorrow.)

Oh, and because it seems to be a legal requirement of anyone who writes anything about Mean Girls from now to eternity, I must inform you all that this product is, indeed, so fetch.