"Yappier Hour" Temporarily Shut Down Due To Concerns Regarding Drinking Around Dogs

The Liberty Hotel in Boston hosts an event called the Yappier Hour, in which customers are encouraged to bring their canine friends. But this week, the popular happy hour was cancelled, due to a crackdown by the city.

What was the city's beef? The Liberty Hotel had failed to receive a "variance" to host the event this year, even though it has been a regular feature at the hotel for the past several years, taking place on Mondays and Wednesdays from April to October. The Boston Globe explains that the variance would allow dogs to be at an event while food was being consumed.

Fortunately, the paperwork was worked out, and the Yappier Happy Hour is back on the schedule. Mayor's Office spokesperson Samantha Ormsby said in a statement the mayor "is very supportive of events like the Liberty Hotel's Yappier Hour" and that "the city's Inspectional Services Department met with representatives from the hotel Tuesday afternoon to 'ensure this longstanding event is able to continue while also complying with state regulations.'"

The reinstatement of the Yappier Hour was of great relief to the event's many supporters, and presumably, their pets:

Of course, there's also another option: