Snack-Loving Gamers Get Chance To Win Grease-Proof Controllers

Gamers who don't want to have to choose between Flamin' Hot Cheetos and their beloved controller may be interested in this new innovation: A limited edition "greaseproof" controller. As announced on the Xbox ANZ (for Australia/New Zealand) Facebook page, people who submit the top five "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner" stories will win the grey and yellow, impervious-to-grease, urethane-coated controller for the Xbox One.

The Daily Mail reports that the promotion "coincides with the official launch of Playerunknown's Battlegrounds, an online multiplayer battle royale game developed and published by PUBG, on the console." The fried chicken connection "comes from the 'Winner Winner Chicken Dinner' message displayed when a player winds a round of the last man standing battles."

So far, FB stories include anecdotes like "I once had to use my elbows to reload a Kar-98k in an extremely high intensity moment. Tissues, paper towel, nothing insight, nothing to help aid my shaking, licked, greasy fingers." and "My dog Ned jumped up onto my lap and started licking my fingers and all over my controller. I threw him off but it was too late, I'd got shot and there was no chicken dinner." Somebody should really throw one to this guy, though: "Maybe if I won a new controller I could get a real chicken dinner on Xbox, please I'm starving."

Is it slightly surprising that this brilliant idea—a confluence of the gaming and snacking worlds—does not exist in the mainstream yet? We know it's just a promotion, but find a way to mass-market this, and it may be the most time-saving innovation since the beer hat.