The World's Best Cheese Made Judges Uncomfortably Horny

Why are judges at the World Cheese Awards so hot and bothered?

Ever tried a really sexed-up cheese? I haven't, but I'm sure it's a uniquely erotic experience. The latest example: judges at the World Cheese Awards recently sampled a particularly racy rind that left one judge wanting to "go to bed with it." That's what we at The Takeout call a Slinky Stinky. A little sexy cheese humor to brighten up your Monday.

CNN reports that the provocative cheese in question was a soft goat's cheese from Spain, which won first place at the World Cheese Awards last week. The winning cheese is marketed under the name Quesos y Besos (Cheeses and Kisses), but it's known to cheese experts as Olavidia. The cheese conquered a massively competitive field of 4,079 entries from more than 40 countries, narrowly besting the second-place winner, a soft cheese from France's Fromagerie Berthaut cheesemaking operation.

Olavidia is produced by Lacteos Romero Pelaez, a tiny six-person operation in southern Spain. Per CNN, Olavidia has a noticeable black stripe in the middle, perhaps due to the fact that the cheese is "matured with penicillium candidum and olive stone ash." Zebra cheese! (You can check out the black stripe in this YouTube video from an Albanian news source.)

What was it about this particular cheese that drove competition judges so wild? CNN reports that a British judge, Jason Hinds, told his fellow judges that the goat's cheese had a "rich, seductive, creamy texture" and "a flavor that was round and warm." Hinds added that he "just wanted to go to bed with it." Rich and seductive? Round and warm? We talkin' cheese or we talkin' about my old lady? Bada-bing!

Anyway, congratulations to the world's most arousing goat-based dairy product. Unfortunately, it's not available for purchase in the U.S., although Spanish residents can find it at some specialty supermarkets.