World's Hardest Rapper Drake Now Endorsed By Canadian Salad Chain

It came as a shock to absolutely no one when rapper Drake coolly suggested earlier this month that he's become a vegan. (He's in touch with his feelings, and presumably those of animals, too.) But the Canadian celeb—and, lest we forget, former Degrassi star—is not earning any toughness points thanks to his latest fan: Canadian salad chain Freshii.

Blog TO reports Freshii had taken out billboards across Drake's hometown of Toronto proclaiming him the "Kale God," alongside artwork that mimics his mixtape If You're Reading This It's Too Late. is a website—created by Freshii as part of the campaign—which reads in part: "Drake, we hear you've gone meatless. HYFR." HYFR, for my fellow olds, is a reference to Drake's stupidly catchy hit of the same name, an acronym that stands for "hell yeah fucking right."

Drake hasn't yet commented on the campaign, Munchies reports.