We Didn't Know Nutella Was So Divisive

When I was living in a college dorm, a white-and-orange jar appeared near the toaster station in the cafeteria only sporadically. There was no rhyme or reason to it. Some days were Nutella days; other days sucked. Nutella was near-universally loved among the student body, excepting those with nut allergies. Standing in the toaster line next to a stranger from a different dorm, you'd both smile knowingly at each other: "Hell yeah, Nutella day."


Actually, today is Nutella Day, in the "official" sense of a food holiday. The brand has crowned February 5 World Nutella Day and is celebrating with giveaways and promotions at its Nutella Cafe locations in Chicago and New York. Most of us at The Takeout reacted to this news positively in our morning meeting. We reasonably enjoy Nutella and find it a delightfully chocolate-nutty spread. But based on the comments readers left the last time we wrote about Nutella, you all do not share this sentiment.

Some choice excerpts: