Women Aim To Set World Record For Longest Dinner Table, And For A Charming Reason

It's almost the weekend and the internet is, as always, full of awful news. Want to read something lovely and nice? Here's something lovely and nice. Rev. Joan Maruskin and Rev. Ramona Kinard, both of York County, Pennsylvania, want to set a Guinness World Record for the longest dinner table, and it's for a gosh-darned beautiful reason: To celebrate a year of kindness. Per the York Daily Record:


The pastors want to bring... people together to break bread and a Guinness World Record for the longest dinner table. By snaking about 1,000 tables together like dominoes through Penn Park, they think they can reach a mile and a half to beat the record.

It's a plan as optimistic as Maruskin's peace-sign earrings, and the purpose is to unite on something good.

The slogan of the dinner is "Celebrating York's Unity Through 10,000 Acts of Kindness." An act of kindness will earn someone a seat at the record-breaking table, and it will also grow love in York County and beyond.

The Daily Record's lovely and nice piece goes into detail about York County and its background in a way that I, a bumbling Chicago resident, could never emulate, so I really recommend reading the piece. Recently, the county ended up in the news when someone called the police on five black women for golfing too slowly. Maruskin and Canard's response was to "show what we see as the true side of York to the world."


And The Takeout's heart grew three sizes that day. York's year of kindness kicks off June 30—now go hug a puppy, or something.