Woman Jumps Off EPCOT Ride To Steal A Cucumber

And naturally someone filmed it and posted it on TikTok.

Okay, yes, it is a strong temptation when you are on one of those slow-moving rides in Disney Universe, the ones that put you in a big tub with molded plastic seats and trundle you past various dioramas, to jump out and interact for a little while. You know, take a tot of rum with the pirates of the Caribbean, behead some of the terrifying dolls in "It's A Small World," that sort of thing. But you don't actually do it because of the social contract: you pay a shit-ton of money to spend a day in a Disney theme park and only touch the things they want you to. Or else.

Or maybe not. Last weekend, a woman (wearing Minnie Mouse ears) jumped out of one of the boats in the Living With the Land ride, which takes visitors through the Disney World greenhouses, and plucked a cucumber from a vine. Then she had a little trouble getting back into the boat and had to be assisted by a man who was also in the boat.

The original TikTok has been deleted, but it continues to live on Twitter and YouTube.

Why did she do this? WDW News Today, the Disney parks website that originally posted this news item, does not say. Insider, which picked it up, was unable to track down any further information, though not for lack of trying. Brian, the host of the Disney news YouTube channel Main Street Moments, presents the fun trivia fact that Living With the Land is the second-longest of all the Disney attractions, so maybe she got bored? A commenter on Brian's video added that alcohol is readily available at EPCOT.

(Once when I was eight or so, the Imagination ride at EPCOT broke down while we were on it, and we got to go behind the scenes to get out, and, looking back now, that was one of my favorite parts of the whole trip.)

A Twitter user with the handle @bizmark23 claimed to be on the ride during the incident, in the boat directly behind. He reported that the members of this group jumped off the boat four times and the cucumber thief herself nearly fell into the water. Disney security did not intervene. "And we know they were watching," he wrote, "bc at one point, they all felt the need to reach over and grab the sand.... Including holding the small child's legs so she could too. The 'voice of god' reminded everyone to keep their hands and arms inside the boat."

At the end of the boat trip, said @bizmark23, there was no security waiting to haul them all off to the calaboose in Frontierland or whatever else may constitute Disney Jail. Instead, the group went on to the Soarin' ride. And there the story ends. Although several reporters (including one from Insider) asked him to contact them, he has remained silent. So has the poster of the original TikTok. What really happened that night on Living With the Land? And what became of the cucumber? We may never know.