Woman Finds Chicken Head In Wings Order, Should Probably Consult Shaman Of Some Sort

A Pennsylvania woman found an entire chicken head in her takeout wings order.

We love freebies, don't we? Whether it's a free snake in a bag of Aldi lettuce or a severed finger in a hamburger, a BOGO deal is always a delight—unless it's Halloween, when everything takes on a bit of an ominous tinge. Today's example: a Pennsylvania woman ordered some tasty wings and found a chicken head included in her meal. Seems... like an omen, no?


TODAY reports that one Brittani Paulhamus discovered the noggin midway through her meal. "I bit into a wing and you know, all was fine. I picked up the second wing, and all of a sudden, I'm like, 'Why is the shape weird?'" Paulhamus told TODAY. "I turned it and whenever I seen the beak and the eye, I threw it and I screamed."

After inspecting the appendage with her fiancé, Paulhamus called the offending restaurant and posted about her experience on Facebook. "I just I had to post it because it's not everyday you open your wing container and get a chicken head instead of just one of the wings," she told TODAY. "At least it's a chicken part."

After the skull snafu, the restaurant issued a statement apologizing for the "truly unfortunate" situation. "We've been open nearly 13 years, and have sold TONS of wings every week and have never seen anything like this," the restaurant wrote. "The supplier is looking into how such a thing could have happened and how it could have passed through so many checkpoints and gone unnoticed. We thank all of our loyal customers and thank everyone that understands that accidents do happen, and some things are just out of our control."


I'm still convinced that the event was the result of some sort of curse. Maybe Paulhamus displeased a powerful poultry entity and the head was a warning? Sinister undertones aside, Paulhamus is laughing the whole thing off. "Honestly, it doesn't matter," she told TODAY. "Like at the end of the day, it's funny to me now. I look back on [the incident] and I laugh about it more than I'm disgusted by it."