Oh, Good, Another Human Who Eats Nothing But Raw Meat

A 25-year-old butcher and chef opted for an all-meat diet to cure various health woes. Now, she claims she's never felt better.

There's plenty of precedent for eating raw meat. Germans, for example, scarf down a raw minced pork dish called mett. Meanwhile, internet-savvy gentlemen of the worst variety snack on rotten meat to get high. Someone even tried to board a domestic flight with a large pile of raw chicken parts a few months back. That's why I'm not terribly surprised about the latest raw meat fad story: The Daily Mail reports that a Hungarian woman eats nothing but raw, unseasoned meat and claims she's "never felt better."

The Daily Mail spoke with Nikolett Kiss (great name), a 25-year-old butcher and chef who hails from Vecsés, Swabian City, Hungary. Kiss reportedly switched to her all-meat diet last year in hopes of alleviating her digestive issues, insulin resistance, and polycystic ovary syndrome symptoms. (The diet is, in fact, marketed as a cure-all for a number of autoimmune issues.)

"I went to the doctor in order to find a diet which better suited my conditions," Kiss explained. "The diet which was recommended by my doctor consisted of 160g of carbohydrates a day and had little to no effect on symptoms. Before long I was feeling even worse, but since I made the switch to raw meat I have never felt better."

Now, Kiss typically skips breakfast, eating her largest meal at lunch—usually fatty beef with eggs. Dinner's about the same, although she often substitutes the beef for raw bacon, pork, ham, or liver with the occasional fruit or veggie for flavor.

As you might imagine, the all-meat diet doesn't come cheap. Nikolett reportedly spends around 70 euros a week, close to $80, on meat alone, opting for high-quality, ethically raised meat from local suppliers. "As a butcher, I have the benefit of knowing all the best suppliers," she told The Daily Mail. "We don't handle industrial processed meat in any fashion, and it is not something that I wish to have included in my own diet."

Kudos to Kiss for opting for high-quality meat products, which are safer to consume raw than store-bought meat from an industrial slaughterhouse. However, Kiss claims that her stomach acid protects her from any and all food poisoning, which I'm not sure about. "The stomach acid we produce as humans is incredibly strong, and rivals the acids produced by most predators in the wild," she says.

I don't know that it's fair to compare the human stomach with that of, say, a hyena or vulture, but whatever helps you feel safe indulging your primal urges. Somebody get this lady a cannibal sandwich.