Woman Calls 911 On Her Allegedly Undercooked Chicken Gyro

If you ordered a chicken gyro and thought it was undercooked, at what point would you call 911? Kinda zero to 60, right? You could start with going back to the restaurant, maybe talking to the manager. Maybe the health department. But calling emergency services seems a bit extreme.

Nevertheless, that was a Cleveland woman's course of action, according to Cleveland 19 News. She told the dispatcher about the Gyro Guys establishment: "I think it was like intentionally that they tried to, like, poison me, cause my face is red... They gave me some chicken that was like nasty and raw. They know I like everything well done and cooked up fresh."

The level-headed dispatcher replied, "I'll send an officer to talk to you, but I think it's more of a concern for the health department." The woman said that she had already called them, but also wanted to file a police report.

The woman did end up going to the hospital and received antibiotics, telling Cleveland 19, "I was scared for my life. I don't want to get food poisoning."

Gyro Guys owner Elias Antonakos told Cleveland 19 that this incident "isn't entirely surprising" and that the woman was a regular customer. He said, "There's customers that are just like that. They try to find something. I was accommodating. I gave her a new one and never charged her. At this point, I told my employees, if she comes in we can't serve her," which should hopefully put an end to this gyro issue.

Perhaps the real crime here was ordering a chicken gyro when presumably the lamb option was right there.