Florida Woman Arrested For Reenacting Dirty Dancing In Wine Store

Somebody put Baby in the corner. By Baby, I mean a 24-year-old woman was arrested last month after attempting to recreate a Dirty Dancing scene in a Jenson Beach, Florida, location of Total Wine. She was arrested by Martin County Sheriff's deputies, who charged her with disorderly intoxication after she and another woman were "causing a disturbance," according to the police report obtained by Treasure Coast Newspapers.


The women, in between their dancing, were also attempting to purchase alcohol. The police report states the manager asked them to leave the premises, but they reentered.

According to Treasure Coast Newspapers, the 1987 film Dirty Dancing "features significant amounts of dancing," (does it ever!) but "it's not clear what scene [the women] worked to reenact." One would have to imagine it was the iconic lift scene; though presumably it could also be the less well-known but much more cha-cha-filled Loverboy dance sequence. In this humble fan's opinion, one cannot recreate the Loverboy scene properly without a prostrate, tanktop-clad Patrick Swayze, so hopefully it was the former.

Anyway, police escorted one woman out of the store, while the other—the one who would later be arrested—was found in her car with bloodshot eyes and smelling of alcohol. She became belligerent, officers say, and "didn't do as told," which led to her arrest.


Who among us has not, after a couple glasses of Skinny Girl Moscato, thought herself possessed by the dancing spirit of Jennifer Grey? There but for the grace of God, truly.