Wisconsin Store Gives Away Free Ice Cream When It's Below -20 Degrees

Yes, a lot of the country is in a deep freeze right now, Chicago is going to be colder than Alaska tomorrow, but still not as cold as Minneapolis, blah blah blah.

Let's look for some upsides! Besides being able to binge-watch pretty much whatever you like over the next day or so without guilt, some establishments are offering even more perks. For example, WISC-TV in Madison reports on Mullen's Dairy Bar in Watertown, Wisconsin that has offered free single-dip ice cream cones whenever the temperature goes under 20 below zero, ever since the store opened in 1932.

Although an 87-year-old tradition, this week will be the first time this offer will kick into gear for chef Adam Keepman and his brothers, who took over Mullen's—the last dairy in Watertown—in 2016. In a news release, Keepman announces, "What better way for families to celebrate the cold weather than with a scoop of ice cream?"

What better way indeed? After a brief interlude outside today, I am happily now ensconced in the interior. Would I eat ice cream right now if I had it available, or possibly venture out to get a free cone? Absolutely. I am in full-on hibernation mode—my husband just brought me a full Egg McMuffin breakfast—possibly biologically padding myself to protect against the cold. I feel that Polar Vortex activities are like Vegas: No one needs to know, and we never need to talk about them again. If those Ben & Jerry's cookie dough core pints were out already, I would absolutely be having one for lunch.

Whatever gets you through the next few days, is what I'm saying. And if that thing is ice cream, even in sub-zero weather, all the better. So enjoy, Watertownians.

What's your stance, Takeout commenteraiats: Ice cream when it's stupid cold outside? Tell us below.