Natty Light Offers A "Flight To Nowhere" In An Airborne Party Bus

Cabin fever is sweeping the nation, and people itchy to get back on the road are engaging in some pretty weird travel-related behavior. This includes buying both ersatz and actual airline food for home consumption, and paying for the dubious privilege of taking "flights to nowhere," which offer all of the inconveniences of air travel without the benefit of, you know, actually going anywhere. But then again, most flights to nowhere aren't on a private jet and don't feature the kind of shenanigans being offered by Natural (Natty) Light's latest promotion, the "Natural Flight."


According to the good folks at Natty Light, this promotion is aimed at college seniors and recent graduates over the age of 21 who, like 99% of us, don't have the ability to just jump on a private jet when the palatial homes belonging to their parents/guardians begin to feel a little claustrophobic. The specifics are as follow:

"One lucky fan and [up to three of] their 21+ friends will get the chance to ride luxuriously with all the perks and convenience of flying private, but it'll be taken to the next level on a "Nattified" aircraft. The private jet comes equipped with TVs, gaming systems, comfort food, and Natty Light beer. They don't even have to worry about packing a bag because this plane is taking off and landing at their local airport."


As I've made quite obvious, I am skeptical of the benefit of "flights to nowhere." Part of this is because, as a travel writer, I've spent a considerable amount of time in airports and on planes, which is almost always an unpleasant experience. Then again, as someone who has been grounded for more months than I can even wrap my head around, I totally get it, and despite the significant privilege that comes with being able to travel for work, I've never been on a private jet before. Being on a private jet at this particular moment does sound sorta great. And I have been on a party bus, which was definitely great. The fact that Natty Light has effectively party-bussed a private jet is a compelling pitch, and a contest that is likely to appeal to many 21+ people.

Per Natty, if you'd like to enter the contest you should "use #NaturalFlight and #Contest, and tell us on social media what you would name your private jet and why." The contest is open to entries until October 20. As always, make sure you read the full rules before you enter. But also, what would you name your private jet?